An explosive incline of proven products and life-long customers.

Modest beginnings to incredible expansion and growth

Fasst Company had very modest beginnings within the tight confines of a spare bedroom. They are now in a new facility in Southern Utah with numerous employees and selling their product in over 12 countries. For over 10 years we have collectively worked together to create a culture within this niche industry that carries Fasst Company beyond any of their competition.

Growth stats


Sold in 12 countries


Online sales


Endorsing athletes


Selling dealers


Action sports

Aftermarket parts manufacturer

Marketing strategy, web, engagement

Key Areas of Focus /

Fasst Company had the revelation to change a common product entirely. This bold move has pinned them against large corporations in an intense battle for marketshare. Below are three primary points we cover for strategy:

Premium products

Fasst Company is a tight-niche group of individuals who are very proud to manufacture 100% of their products in the USA. This is a rare characteristic in business and can be positioned to a large advantage.

Family culture

Every customer in nearly any market wants to be a part of a cause, movement, brand or niche. Probably all of them. Utilizing the phenomenon #FasstFamily we are bringing the FasstCo customers inside the business and creating a strong bond.

Heartfelt service

The two founders of the business still have complete control while happily talking to customers on a daily basis. They have an uncommon passion for their product and truly want every customer to be thrilled with each product.

The Brand Details /

A returning customer’s confidence is built upon a company he can trust. Here are four pedestal elements that create the Fasst Company brand.


The keystone to a business, an identity is hours upon hours of planning, & conceptualization.


Every color has a purpose and meaning, a voice to a specific demographic.

Font set

The typeface is another crucial element to a strong, rule-defined branding plan.


Convey the proper tone relevant to all marketing through consistent imagery.

Color Palette /

Three concise colors chosen to represent machined precision, innovative energy and enduring trust.

Precise Gray

Energy Red

Crimson Trust

Branding Guide /

A branding guide documents every visual element, technical detail and specification necesary to cement a strong foundation.

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Fasst Company Branding Guide

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Company Mission

Fasst Company Branding Guide

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Primary Identity Form

Fasst Company Branding Guide

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Identity Usage Guidelines

Fasst Company Branding Guide

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Specific Product Guidelines

Fasst Company Branding Guide

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Product Identity Guidelines

Fasst Company Branding Guide

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Brand Color Usage & Codes

Fasst Company Branding Guide

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Incorrect Identity Usage Examples

Fasst Company Branding Guide

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Brand Typeface

Fasst Company Branding Guide

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Brand Full Color Palette

Fasst Company Branding Guide

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Business Card Layout

Fasst Company Branding Guide

Website Development - Benchmark Goals /


Fasst Company has two primary categories of products - ATV and motorcycle. Neither enthusiast enjoys relating to the other, so each product must be separated and displayed in a clear, consise manner to successfully engage the sales process.

Product education

Each Fasst Company, American-made product is unique in its design, and sometimes carries a much higher-than-average MSRP than a similar comparable product. But for a very good reason. Given this, we needed to make certain the user is clearly educated on the benefits of each item.

Ease of updating

Most website applications are most successful when the customer can make product adjustments on the fly, at their own convenience and time-line (usually right now). We built their website on the Wordpress foundation; the single largest platform in the world.


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Development Process /

Content brief

Here we state & answer questions to better understand the customer, problems, demands, solutions and needs.

Wireframe layout

Before the visual elements come forward, the wireframe keeps the team focused on content only.


Visuals matter. Great design is simple, clean, clear and concise.

Implementation & code

Taking the design to the browser is time-consuming act of producing clean code.

Edits, changes, testing

Problems arise by human nature; we send the beta site throughout our team to test for issues.


The new launch is a big event publicized through press releases, media outlets and social platforms.

Product Spotlight - The Flexx Handlebar /

At nealry triple the MSRP of most handlebars, Fasst Company presented us with the challenge to define their place in the market.

Flexx Handlebar - Hurdles to Overcome /


High MSRP against
all other like products.

Most handlebars are a simple, inexpensive piece of aluminum at roughly $99, on average. Flexx Handlebars much more complicated, but ring in at $359 MSRP.


Unique in design
& appearance

People don't like change and are resistant to products that do not fit the typical mold. Flexx Handlebars are an absolute break-away from the original product design.


Heavier than a
comparable handlebar.

Typical in any form of sport, weight matters. And more often than not, lighter is better. Flexx Handlebars weight two to three times as much as a standard handlebar.

Solutions Created /


Clearly outline
technology and value

Simple product education is vital with this piece. The Flexx Handlebar has an MSRP three times higher than most of its competition for a reason - it will out-perform any other handlebar, under any test. This is what we must illustrate.


Capitalize on quality &
production details

Not everyone likes change, but we found an opportunity to highlight the precision construction and details within the product to glorify the difference in this handlebar.


Firmly stamp all
advantageous benefits

Typically the lighter the motorcycle, the better off the package is, but here we can spotlight the robust list of staggering advantages over the traditional handlebar in order to alleviate any worries about the scale.

Performance Results /


VIP high-volume dealers


Media reviews & features


Sales increase in '13


Return customers

Email Marketing /

Building relationships with customers is the key to continued growth. We capitalize on email marketing as one element to connect with customers.

“We’re spread very thin, but to us, building the proper brand and culture is so important. KGA has really helped us grow organically over time”

Cole Townsend, President / Fasst Company